IIM Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics – Career leap made easy!

IIM Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics has played a pivotal role in many people’s careers. Having made the right choice at the right time has given them the ultimate push that they needed to create golden opportunities for themselves. 

Speaking about the intuitive vertical of this Future Leaders Program, Shreyansh Nanda Founder and CEO at Moneyway says, “This course will surely push you to learn better. The course and its modules are well-structured for over a period of 10 months, allowing enough time to generate and develop a full comprehension of the information whilst applying it effectively to real-life models.” Click here to know in detail what Shreyansh Nanda had to say about the program.

With numerous programs out there telling you that they would help you, it more often than not becomes extremely confusing to choose the right one. Especially, when you are in the middle of a well-versed career and you are looking at taking your career on a different arc.

Nitin Kaushik, having overcome this dilemma through the program, reflected on his journey at Jigsaw Academy, “IPBA from IIM Indore which falls under an executive program category gave me a holistic understanding of the data science field covering in detail the business, technology, programming side along with the statistical knowledge. No doubt this program covers all tools and techniques required to work in Data Analytics in majority including data visualization, Data modeling, machine learning, big data & BI.” Read here in the words of Nitin Kaushik how the program transformed his life.

Having a well-structured course, with the best guidance can become the ultimate package for a productive and satisfying learning experience. It allows you an overall view of the industry-necessary tools and techniques, making you equipped to easily adapt to the organization’s role requirements.

Commenting about the same, Sonam Patil says “It is a great learning experience for the well experienced Jigsaw and IIM Instructors. The collaboration of thorough practical knowledge along with theoretical studies makes the Jigsaw Academy highly suitable for those looking to gain knowledge in Analytics fields. I am extremely satisfied in acquiring the knowledge and experiences related to Business Analytics from Jigsaw and IIM. I am more than happy to refer and recommend the IPBA to others as well.” These are the words of Sonam Patil her whole experience with the program.

Taking up a program that allows you to fulfill your professional commitments along with making time for your personal life is no easy game ball. However, when you find programs that help you to make the little free time you get in between work and personal life worthwhile, then there will be no looking back. Especially when it aids you in making your career more goal-oriented and skill-based. Having taken the bold step and done the same, Srinu Goruputi says“ I was looking for learning options to enhance my skills in business analytics and machine learning. I explored a lot of options that suit and balance my professional and personal life. I found the IPBA  is very suitable for people like me working abroad because of remote lecturers with the same classroom live experience. Classes are in-depth and delivered by prestigious IIM Indore faculty and Jigsaw Academy. Every class delivered with a case study relates some real-world problems in the industry. Every class is live and great participation from different students across industries with various educational backgrounds.” Here is the elaborate story of Srinu Goruputi and how he transformed his career.

Having integrated the 10-month online IPBA into their careers has most definitely revolutionized the job opportunities that will eventually follow. Pratik Chougule who completely transformed his career arc with the program says, “I would say the IPBA is one of the best Programs we have today. This program has been well designed to cater to the current market requirements and also helps us in a broader way for our career growth. IIM, Indore faculty and the Jigsaw Academy team really support us a lot to understand the course material right from basics to the complicated programs.” Pratik Chougule has a whole lot to say about the experience with the program. Interested in reading more? Click away, then!

“It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the ongoing IPBA which is introduced by Jigsaw Academy in collaboration with the renowned IIM Indore. It’s an extensively flexible learning program for working professionals who want to have an in-depth knowledge of analytics,” spills out Puja Karira, a Business Analytics Enthusiast and a happy learner at Jigsaw Academy who completed and took her career to the next level. Puja Karira was overwhelmed with the job opportunities that came her way after the completion of the program. Elaborating on the same, here is what she had to say about her upskilling journey with Jigsaw. 

Career growth, upskilling and improved job opportunities might be one end of this Future Leaders Program, while at the other end, you get the alumni status from IIM Indore blowing your networking possibilities wide open. This makes it one of the most unique and best programs for those who are seriously considering a career in business analytics. Click here to know in detail about our Integrated Program In Business Analytics.

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