Karan Katle’s Success Story Of Easily Transitioning Into Data Science With Zero Prior Experience!

Aditi Premjit

Just a couple of years ago the most desirable career paths were in the domain of engineering. But as the dynamic of the market and the world has evolved so has the demand for unique job roles. With the advent of the digital era, several domains have gone on to rise as powerful business driving forces in the global market. one of the most prominent domains, which has garnered a lot of attention is ‘Data Science’. Not many may realize but several activities in our life are done with the assistance of Data Science and Analytics. How is it possible? You may think. Well, let us get a clearer understanding with one small example. I believe a man’s best friend in the digital world is ‘autocorrect’. Yes, every text you write on any platform is automatically spell checked, this way you can avoid the embarrassment of being unable to spell something out right. But did you know that this feature is achieved through application of Data Science? This example is enough proof for you to realize the vast scope and potential this domain has. 

Professionals and students have slowly come to realize the ocean of opportunities this domain can provide for anyone that works in it. Many have begun to join the world of Data Science to not just stay relevant but also explore the several opportunities it has to offer. Many people seem to be worried about having zero prior knowledge or experience of this ‘complex’ field and feel it is close to impossible to land a good job in it. Well, here to prove you wrong is Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science. Without any prior knowledge or experience, you can become a professional Data Scientist and an invaluable asset to any organization that has you. Many of our learners have upskilled and witnessed easy career transition opting for this life-altering course. One such promising learner is Karan Katle, an analyst at Deloitte. Like many of our learners, Karan opted for this Data Science course having no prior experience or knowledge in the field of Data Science. In a light conversation with us, he explains how he only had an engineering degree and had zero knowledge about coding before he took up the Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science by Jigsaw Academy and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. 

“Even if you are a fresher and do not have a Computer Science or Data Science background, the university takes care of it. Manipal Academy and Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science is the best program! They always keep up to their words and provide ample placement opportunities.”

Karan Katle, Analyst, Deloitte
, Karan Katle’s Success Story Of Easily Transitioning Into Data Science With Zero Prior Experience!
Karan Katle, Analyst, Deloitte

While talking about how this course is better than other viable options, Karan said that it is very easy to find free online courses for Data Science. Although learners will definitely gain knowledge about the subject they would not receive the right career guidance and mentorship that is required. To be set out on the right pathway, a course from an esteemed university like Manipal Academy of Higher Education is the best pick. He also mentioned his experience with UNext’s Data Science program and was delighted to say that learners can always trust them as they provide help in terms of academics and career counseling. 

Although there are many vacant job positions for Data Scientists available in the market, establishing yourself in a company without having to go through months of job search is difficult. One of the most attractive features of this Data Science Program is its Guaranteed placement offer* upon completion of the course. Quite delighted with the experience, he talks about one incident in particular where he approached the placement coordinator of the program to understand how many placement opportunities the learners would receive. He went on to say that they would get over 10-12 opportunities and felt proud to see that the coordinator had kept up to his word. 

The Data Science domain is brimming with opportunities. Be it, someone who is looking for a career shift or a professional wanting to upskill, everyone has an equal opportunity and chance to become successful and prominent Data Scientists. By reading this article you must have definitely realized the many features and benefits UNext’s Data Science program brings to the table. 

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