Karthik Chose To Become An IIM Indore-Certified Business Analytics Professional!

Keeping our skillsets up-to-date is paramount in today’s highly competitive world. Organizations are becoming more data-driven by implementing Business Analytics in their business operations. Regardless of your industry, it has become critical to master Business Analytics to navigate through the digital transformation.

Upskilling in Business Analytics provides a golden opportunity for mid-career professionals who feel stuck in their professional journey and want to transform their careers. Learners can improve their decision-making and problem-solving abilities by utilizing emerging technologies and tools.

Karthik Kumar Kanderi comes with 4+ years of experience in Business intelligence & data management. He had worked with various stakeholders and helped them make informed decisions by creating numerous dashboards. Karthik wanted to go above & beyond dashboarding & predict better trends that are agile & faster. To enhance his Business Analytics skills and dive deep into values and translate them effectively for business implementations, he chose to upskill with UNext Jigsaw’s IIM Indore-Certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics.

, Karthik Chose To Become An IIM Indore-Certified Business Analytics Professional!
Karthik Kumar Kanderi,
SAS Business Analyst

In this conversation with Karthik, he shares his experience with our 10-month Integrated Program in Business Analytics.

How has the Integrated Program In Business Analytics helped accelerate your career growth? Also, what would you say are the highlights of your upskilling journey with us?

I appreciate the care taken to script each of the Concepts and the brilliance of the IIM professors & UNext Jigsaw Faculty, who kept us engaged throughout the course. This course helped me acquire all the advanced & relevant knowledge & skills to become a data scientist through its cutting-edge industry practices. Certification & alumni status from IIM Indore makes this course an exceptional one. 

Other key highlights are:

  1. Course Construct & its Schedule.
  2. Mandatory Assessment post-completion of each module.
  3. Delivery of the content from top-class Faculty.

What was the personal impact of interacting and being mentored by the industry’s best Business Analysts?

Our Mentors have gone beyond everything to guide us through the learnings whenever we got stuck & are always approachable & happy to help.

How would you describe your experience with the Bring Your Own Project?

It was a fantastic experience working on BYOP, collaborating with the team members & mentored by industry experts. We had a great understanding of the entire life cycle of a real-time analytics project. Some of the key learnings of ‘Bring Your Own Project’ include planning, leading, directing, managing & documenting the entire process flow & its outcome.

How are you applying your new learnings in your current work profile?

Now, I am able to help our business team by providing the key insights & forecasts through data & visualization, thus aiding them to make informed decisions.

How would you say the program helped you have a community connect with the people interested in Business analysts like you do?

Personally, I believe this course helped us build a strong alumni network across various industries & interacting with people who carry diversified experiences. It brought like Minded people under one roof.

Would you recommend the Integrated Program In Business Analytics to your friends? If yes, why?

Yes, because it has got everything best in the industry. Great Curriculum, Excellent course delivery & IIM alumni Status.

Business Analytics is a highly rewarding career path for professionals of all domains and career stages. Like Rithik, you can also enhance your skills in Business Analytics to become a Future Leader. Check out our website if you wish to know more about our IIM Indore-Certified Future Leaders program.

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