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Aditi Premjit

As we step into the era of automation and Artificial Intelligence, job opportunities can be seen emerging in various domains. Due to these developments and changes in the global market, professionals and freshers worldwide are on the constant lookout for ways to stabilize their carers with the best of opportunities. One such domain that will not go unnoticed is that of Data Science. As its use in companies worldwide has increased exponentially, the need for Data Scientists has also increased. 

Data Science has taken over the corporate world like a whirlwind and is here to stay. As almost all industries have begun to incorporate Data Science functionalities to improve their decision-making and strategies setting, there is no doubt in the insurmountable opportunities it brings along. Being a professional in this domain would not just bring stability and security but will also ensure a promising and high-paying job. There are many courses available for Data Science in India. Yet choosing a reliable Data Science course that offers the perfect blend of the most relevant curriculum and ample industry opportunities is the real challenge. Working on the same line, UNext Jigsaw and Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science has upskilled many learners and helped them to find their ideal job. One such learner is Suraj Thallapalli. Let us hear what he had to say about his upskilling journey with us.



The course curriculum prepares students by covering all the skills required to become a Full Stack Data Scientist. Starting from the basics like Python, SQL to advanced technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AWS Cloud, the course covers it all. This helps students get a deeper understanding of what specialized technologies they are passionate about and the kind of jobs they need to target. 


“The placement process started in the second term of the program and many DataScience-based companies like Equifax, dhiOmics, and Fractal Analytics came to hire students across several roles like Data Science Consultants, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Scientist etc. I am happy to share that I got placed in Equifax and am thrilled to start my Data Science journey.”

Suraj Thallapalli, Equifax

We are proud and honoured to know that our learners have begun their Data Science journeys and wish Suraj the best for all his future endeavours! As the demand for Data Scientists has increased, the number of professionals and freshers who are taking up courses to become prominent Data Scientists has also increased indefinitely. Now is the best time to upskill and begin your Data Science journey. Let us hear what another one of our proud learners, Piyush Sharma, had to say about his journey with this Data Science program.

“I recently finished my Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science from Manipal Academy of Higher Education and got placed in one of my dream companies, Equifax!”

Piyush Sharma, Intern at Equifax


I joined this offline course in January 2020, and two months into it the program had to go online due to the pandemic. I must say that the management has been really great at transitioning the whole course from offline to online. They had scheduled the classes in such a way that students could easily attend them and take their time to grasp the knowledge.


This pandemic has impacted all the industries across the globe, due to which many reputed companies had to do layoffs. And so, getting job opportunities during this pandemic has been difficult for everyone. However, our placement team has brought in an ample amount of opportunities in these difficult times and is still doing so. I myself got placed during this period in Equifax for a Machine Learning profile. All in all, if you are looking for a course in Data Science this program is definitely worth considering!

The pandemic has really overturned the business market, making it an absolutely difficult task to find jobs best suited for you. But one domain that remains unscathed is Data Science. Industries across the globe are looking for Data Scientists to help increase the efficiency of their companies. UNext Jigsaw and Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science gives learners an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about Data Analytics and also become experts in the latest cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, Machine learning, and more. Apart from getting certified from the prestigious university, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, learners are also provided with 100% placement support* upon completion of the course. 

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