Parth’s Experience of Transforming His Career With Data Science

Data is the new currency and that’s today’s truth. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of Data generated every day, companies across industries are trying to leverage the power of this vast amount of data to achieve their business goals.

In any domain you look at, data plays a pivotal role in the digitization of businesses. Since the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, organizations worldwide have incorporated Data Science, along with Machine Learning and automation, in every facet of their businesses to attain sustainable growth, making Data Science the most sought-after skill of the decade. This has led to the exponential rise in demand for Data Scientists across all the domains. With companies actively looking for proficient Data Experts to join their teams and help them make data-smart business decisions, Google search shows 8.66 million vacant Data Scientists jobs in the country today. This gives the perfect opportunity to aspiring Data enthusiasts and professionals to build their respective careers in the Data Science domain.

Many professionals have chosen to expand their capabilities in Data Science & Machine Learning and take a leap of success in their careers. Parth Cholera, AGM – Network Automation & Process/System/Business Analyst at Vodafone Idea Limited, is one such success story and he accomplished his desired aim to transform his career by upskilling in Data Science.

With over 9+ years of working experience in the telecom industry, Parth has always been interested in Data Science and chose our Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM), in association with The University of Chicago Graham School for his upskilling journey.

We spoke to Parth to understand in-depth about his experience with Jigsaw Academy and the curriculum. Let’s hear what he has to say about his journey with us.

1.   What made you choose the Data Science & Machine Learning domain for upskilling?

It was a need of the moment for me. As I am associated in the Network Telecom domain wherein I work as a Network Analytics, Network Design, Planning, Quality & Operations lead. Every day billions of socially connected users worldwide use our services & generate Petabytes of Data every day. Analyzing such large volumes of data, without any human error, was impossible to achieve even after incorporating small automation processes. So, we faced major challenges like un-monitored, missed events or time spent in identifying the issues, and so on. It led to the lack of data-driven insights and hence poor decision-making. I started exploring all the possibilities and found that Data Science & AI/ML can act as path-breaking solutions and help me pave the way towards digital transformation & automation within the Network Telecom Domain.

2. Please share the highlights of your upskilling experience.

Earlier, Digital Transformation & Automation within the Telecom Network domain was less explored or had less success due to its legacy and heterogeneous environment. It had a direct impact on the network & consumer experience. Possessing strong heterogeneous Telecom domain knowledge & taking that legacy as an opportunity, I opted for the PG Program in Data Science & AI/ML from Jigsaw Academy to enhance my skills and expertise.

The program comprises a comprehensive curriculum that offers industry-relevant techniques and tools to become an efficient Data Scientist or Data Analyst. Most importantly, University of Chicago’s and Jigsaw Academy’s renowned faculty members’ exposure and support were excellent.

3. How relevant is our Postgraduate Program In Data Science & Machine Learning, keeping in mind the current trends in the industry?

I completed my PG Program in the year 2019. It was after a few months from then that the world was hit by one of the worst pandemics in the history of mankind, where most of the business models became dysfunctional. With work from home scenarios coming into the picture and becoming the new normal, internet connectivity providers (Telecom/ISP) had major concerns about keeping up their Service Uptime/ Availability & addressing capacity constraints. Ever since, faster resolution and restoration has become a must to reduce customer dissatisfaction and providing them with the backbone of internet connectivity to be digitally connected has become vital.

With the help of this course and a thorough understanding of the current challenges, I was able to design and develop innovative solutions for a better Operational and Business model using AI/ML/Advanced analytics techniques within Telecom Network Domain.

Looking at the current market trend, I can see that all the industrial sectors are looking at gearing up their digital transformation move to reclaim control of the game; this course will play a vital role in upskilling individuals to cope with industrial demands.

4. How would you describe your experience with the classes by the faculty and industry experts?

The way Jigsaw Academy, in collaboration with The University of Chicago, approaches the program is exceptional. It offers a holistic experience through expert faculties who are incredibly professional in their methods. Jigsaw Academy played a vital role in developing my skill set. They had a better understanding of student’s concerns and tried to address them as far as possible along with encouraging them throughout the program, which made my experience unique and fulfilling. I would always look forward to such kind of support in the coming years.

5. How was your experience with the Capstone Project?

The project was designed to develop two categories of proficiency:

1) Soft skills: To encourage critical thinking, apply tactical plans, solve challenging problems, and develop better communication skills, public speaking along with research skills & teamwork.

2) Technical skills: To design and develop AI/ML models for predicting the outcome.

It helped me enhance and improve the way I work and execute things at my current job profile.

6. Did you find the content and curriculum helpful?

The curriculum was ideal, and the teaching faculty’s quality of knowledge was something to appreciate. The PG program covers all the essential industry-relevant techniques, languages & tools to become proficient Data Scientists. However, I would urge Jigsaw Academy’s team to provide more sessions on designing, developing & implementing AI/ML models, which help the students to work in a live environment.

We are thrilled to know that Parth had a good learning experience with us and are humbled and glad that he chose Jigsaw Academy as his upskilling partner. We wish him all the luck in the world for his future endeavors.

Like it helped Parth, our Data Science programs are sure to help you if you love to analyze data and want to become data smart.

Our comprehensive programs are developed by seasoned SMEs and industry experts and offer hands-on experience. If you would like to find out more about our Data Science programs, please visit our website.

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