This Business Analytics IIM Program Is Everything You Need To Become The New Age Leader!  

The beauty of Business Analytics lies in its ability to grow businesses by an ‘x’ factor just by collecting and analyzing data. As businesses today continue their constant hunt to find newer innovative ways to enhance business processes, the role of a Business Analyst has never had greater importance. According to Techjury the global business intelligence market will grow to $33.3 billion by 2025.  That’s right, the domain of Business Analytics and its innovations will not be taking a break anytime soon. Therefore this is one of the best and most promising domain choices if you’re looking at upskilling or even a career lane change for a long-term successful career.   


Having a keen interest in analytics and wanting to make a career out of the same, Samuel Reddy, currently working as a Consultant at Equifax, says the program is designed exclusively to help you power through the competition. Speaking about the same, he says, “I’d recommend this course only if you’re really interested in upgrading your skills and can spend enough time learning apart from just attending the classes. The program is well planned, with online learning materials, weekend classes, and regular assignments to work on, and the faculty is exceptional with regard to the subject. They also provide placement assistance which would really be helpful for a fresher to kickstart their career in the analytics domain.” That is precisely the aim of the program. The course curriculum is designed to provide you with a fulfilling learning experience along with providing you the perfect guidance to tap on real opportunities. 

Further elaborating on the same, another one of our learners, Rahul Sharma, does not hesitate to be open and honest about his upskilling journey. Discussing the same, he says, “The course content is excellent. It is designed to keep the needs of data analysts in mind and does justice to covering all the important topics that a modern data analyst would need. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to enhance their skills and understanding. But one should always remember the vast syllabus that the course covers (vast with respect to the timeframe) and prepare herself beforehand for every 2-hour lecture. The faculty and the support staff are great and highly supportive.” Well, what is a learning framework if not designed to cater to the needs of the learner, right? The UNext Jigsaw and IIM Indore team put in their best efforts to ensure our learners got the perfect chance to learn and implement the latest tools, tricks, and technologies of Business analytics. 

The 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics is designed to provide its learners with a complete detailed insight into this booming industry from the ground up. The 5D framework of the curriculum ensures you have a well-rounded learning experience along with the BYOP(Bring Your Own Project) feature, which ensures you receive a complete hands-on learning experience. If you are an aspiring Business Analyst looking for the right program to upskill, then this program would be tailor-made for you! 

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