Why Is The Online Business Analytics Program By IIM-I And UNext Your Highway To Success?

Why Do Businesses Need Analytics?

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, once said, “Data is a precious thing, and it will last longer than the systems themselves.” Thirty-three years after the launch of the Web, his words still stand true. In fact, in 2022, data is the new diamond for businesses all across the globe. But, to tell a diamond from a stone, you need a high level of expertise and in-depth knowledge. Just like that, to pick out the most precious data for your business from the existing gigantic chunk, you need analytics.

But what do analysts need to increase their precision and proficiency when it comes to analyzing data for business productivity? They need rigorous and intensive training. Over one thousand business analysts turned their career dreams into successful realities with the Integrated Program in Business Analytics – an all-inclusive package for those who want to establish themselves in the domain of business analytics. Among the many alumni who benefitted from the 10-month online program, some of them came forth to share their learning experiences with other aspiring individuals looking for a training program that caters to every single one of their learning needs.

From Aspiring To Inspiring – Business Analysts Who Made It Happen With IIM-I & UNext

Once a Corporate Sales Manager at Tungsten Consumer Goods, Revathy Prabhakaran, like many of you, was dreaming about building a career in Business Analytics. As is the case with career dreams that do come true under the right guidance, Revathy’s dream also made it into the real world in the form of a Business Intelligence internship at Eaglytics Co. Having spread her wings and taking her first few steps into the domain, Revathy now prepares to reach greater heights in her professional journey. This is what she has to say about the program:

“I recently completed the Data Analytics program by UNext in collaboration with IIM Indore. I must say, they’re a great team and the faculty is amazing! The content was good and helped me gain the right set of skills, knowledge, mindset, and attitude required in this field. I recently got placed for an internship in Business Intelligence. They also provided us with two complimentary certification courses. Thanks to the program coordinator, Moses, and Team UNext!

Mintu Jakhar, another of our alumni, believes in the power of reviews and their contribution to helping people make informed decisions. Being completely honest about his learning experience, he shares his thoughts on the program.

“I recently completed the Integrated Program in Business Analytics by IIM Indore. It was a great learning experience, with weekend classes providing hands-on experience on every topic while introducing me to some industry specialists as well. I’d like to extend special thanks to Mr. Moses for making the entire process seamless. I would like to specially mention him for being an excellent facilitator right from the beginning to the end of the course. He is very approachable, quick at resolving all our queries, and handles every situation with a calm and solution-driven approach.“

Shreyasi Mahurkar also enrolled in the Integrated Program in Business Analytics by UNext and IIM Indore. She found the program to be very well-structured. Sharing her thoughts on the program, she says, “I got to learn analytics, from the basics to the advanced level. The Kaggle competitions helped me apply all the theoretical and practical knowledge gained via case studies based on actual real-world problem statements. The videos and the study material provided by UNext explains everything in a simple yet exciting way, and that really helps in easily understanding even complex topics. All the faculty who taught us were extremely good and had several years of experience in the field. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start his analytics career afresh.”

Another learner says, “I planned to pursue Business Analytics as it is a leading domain nowadays. I went online and started searching for institutes. After doing thorough research, I decided to enroll in the Integrated Program in Business Analytics by UNext and IIM Indore.  I learned a lot about business analytics with the help of one of the best faculty (Mr. Pritam and Mr. Kunaal) I’ve encountered in my life. The way they taught us was full of knowledge and great enthusiasm. We had multiple sessions with some entrepreneurs, which guided us toward this program. I would like to thank especially Mr. Moses, who provided great help from the beginning till the end of the course. I am grateful to have had such lovely people in my life during the course. They also conducted interviews for us with various huge companies and with a great package.”

The Ball’s In Your Court

Considered to be a must-have experience for all business analytics enthusiasts by its former learners, the 5D Framework-based Integrated Program in Business Analytics carefully offers the perfect blend of Data Science & Management Skills. Are you ready to turn your life around with this complete upskilling package? Begin your learning journey with us today.

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