Your Quest For The Perfect Product Management Course Ends Here

Today, much work goes into creating every product we use, whether the kitchenware or the branded watches we wear. Throughout the product life cycle, from product creation to customer service, it needs extra effort and meticulous work to succeed in the market today. Due to the ever-growing product market, businesses have taken it upon themselves to ensure their product establishes their value in the market. Product Management has become a necessity of the hour than a luxury for organizations. They are searching for knowledgeable Product Leaders to assist their product in achieving the desired position for this precise reason. Businesses all over the world now recognize the numerous advantages of having a product team led by an experienced Product Manager. More than 18,000+ Product Manager jobs are available in the country only on LinkedIn.

Therefore, it is clear that many professionals have seized the chance to advance their skills in order to become proficient Product Managers and secure better employment opportunities. Many learners, including Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, and seasoned Product Management experts, chose UNext Jigsaw’s IIM Indore – certified PG Certificate Program in Product Management to expand their skill sets and gain a competitive edge continuously evolving and competitive market.


, Your Quest For The Perfect Product Management Course Ends Here
Kailash Kumar Jangid, Entrepreneur

“I would recommend this course to my friends, considering the positive experience I have had being part of this course.” 

Reflecting on his learning journey with UNExt Jigsaw, entrepreneur Kailash Kumar Jangid says, “I came across this course related to Product Management conducted by IIM Indore in collaboration with UNext Jigsaw, which I found to be the right one to upskill my career. I was impressed with the curriculum and its vast areas under product management. The Institute adds a lot of value to the course and content since it covers a wide range of product management topics and it is relevant to the current market. The Lecturers also support their teaching with the latest industry examples that make learning easy for us.”

The 6-month online instructor-led PG Certificate Program In Product Management is India’s only program that offers Bring Your Own Product (BYOP) to learners so that they gain full-fledged hands-on experience in building their own product from scratch and conforms to the 5i Framework of Product Management.

, Your Quest For The Perfect Product Management Course Ends Here
Anjali Pathak, Product & Social Media Lead, INDIAai


Anjali Pathak, a Product Strategy & Management enthusiast, currently working as a Product & Social Media lead for INDIAai(a MeitY, NeGD, and NASSCOM Initiative), enrolled in the PG Certificate Program In Product Management to hone her skillsets. She shares her ongoing learning experience and says, “I am currently pursuing a Product Management course from UNext Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore. Safe to say that it is one of the best decisions I have made since I want to build a career in Product Management. Overall a very informative course and product-related content got well covered.”

Adding to this, Anjali says, “As for the UNext Jigsaw team, it’s a fantastic organization! The great student support from beginning to end of the process. The team is informed and goes the extra mile at every stage; special mention to Mr. Syed and Mr. Irshad from UNext Jigsaw, who has been very helpful in answering my questions and helping in finding the best possible solutions to my queries without any delay.”

At UNext Jigsaw, the learning experience is the same for all learners. We strive to offer the best learning experience to our learners.

, Your Quest For The Perfect Product Management Course Ends Here
Vishwanath Ravuri, Sales head- South, We Win Limited


Vishwanath Ravuri, a seasoned Sales Management professional with over 9+ years of experience, is also pursuing IIM Indore’s PG Certificate Program In Product Management with UNext Jigsaw. Sharing his learning journey, Vishwanath says, “I am Pursuing PGCP-PM from UNext Jigsaw. The course is well structured, and the students are well equipped with the resources too. What makes this course stand apart is the BYOP methodology of teaching, which gives a holistic approach and enhances learning. Kudos to the support team, especially Mr.Syed, who has been instrumental in addressing all queries timely. His prompt and active support has made learning even more enriching.”

Many professionals, like Anjali, Vishwanath, and Kailash, have decided to upskill in Product Management after realizing this domain’s abundance of career opportunities. Taking a recognized course in Product Management will, without a doubt, advance your career and stable it for now and the future, regardless of your job and educational background. This not only puts you in one of the most lucrative industries but also offers you the chance to prove that you are a great asset to any business. So, are you ready to enroll in this robust program & become an IIM Indore-certified Product Leader? Get more information about the program and begin the enrollment process by clicking here!

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