A Scientific and Systematic Approach To Digital Sales Is Finally Here!


Thomas Alva Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just once more.” If you are a sales personnel or know a sales professional, then you will know that these are literally the words they live by.   

Sales, as we know, is one of the most important and irreplaceable aspects of a business operation. They are the major revenue drivers of any business and are single-handedly responsible for business growth. Therefore, it goes without saying sales professionals are one of the most important and largest assets of any organization. 

Well fast forwarding to the post-pandemic world, the space of sales has taken a sharp turn for the good. Although digital sales and its implementation were right around the corner, the lockdown accelerated the process and effectively initiated the complete digitization of sales processes. Strategizing every move and every decision has become extremely important in the post-pandemic work culture. With the right idea and plan of action, the sales numbers have the potential to grow x number of times adding immense business value. 

Having observed the revolutionary importance of strategizing sales, UNext Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore, launched the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management. The program aims at helping sales professionals master the nuances of creating sound sales strategies and driving business growth as market leaders. Let us now hear what our learners have to say about their learning experience with us.   

Ashiish Vats, currently working as an AVP CD & Digital Products TVS Credit, feels absolutely elated and supremely delighted to have taken our course. Explaining the same, he says, “I strongly believe, “Every Next Level of your life Demands an upgraded version of yourself, “I am extremely delighted to have been a part of and completed the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management Course offered by the Indian Institute of Management. I am looking forward to utilizing my learning from this program at TVS Credit Services Ltd. It is an absolutely proud feeling to be a part of the illustrious IIM Indore alumni.” Well, we are indeed proud and happy to have been an integral part of your happy learning journey Ashiish. 


Another one of our learners, Vijay Verma, says, “The Strategic Sales Management program from IIM Indore is very good. It was an absolutely great learning experience, and I am glad to have been a part of it.” As knowledge providers, we were indeed happy and excited to have you on board, too, Vijay.   

Agreeing with the thoughts of Bijay and Ashiish, Sathyajit D further elaborates, “The experience with Strategic Sales Management from IIM was great as experienced professionals took our classes. It is definitely a good start to improve your sales skills and fine-tune them on your sales journey.”    

Wanting her experience to encourage other learners to explore their options and experience a unique learning journey, Mousumi Saha calls it an excellent course for personal as well as professional courses. Further elaborating the same, she says, “I absolutely enjoyed the course on Strategic Sales Management and learned a lot from it. It is undoubtedly an excellent course, especially for professionals, but can also be applied in everyday life situations. The instructor is great and explains the material clearly, with plenty of examples and practice. The content is well organized and focused on practical situations. This course is short, informative, and helpful for an aspiring leader like me. Overall, I consider this a great course with a great instructor, and I would recommend it to anyone!” We are thrilled to have been a part of your upskilling journey Mousumi. We do not have any doubt that you would have a great sales leader. 


Strategic Sales Management was designed with a robust learning structure and comprehensive curriculum to aid aspiring sales leaders like these. Designed and delivered by the best in the industry, this program is made to provide the necessary boost for aspiring as well as experienced sales professionals in the digital world. 

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