A Strategic Sales Management Program That Our Learners Say – “Would 10/10 recommend this Course”!

According to a report by hubspot.com, 24% of sales professionals who leverage a CRM identified “improving customer retention” as being one of a CRM’s biggest benefits. but how many sales professionals today have the knowledge to implement, use and leverage a CRM? This is where upskilling and learning the newest sales digital tools become important and necessary to survive in today’s competitive times.

The market today is brimming with innumerable sales programs. The real competition happens in our heads when we are trying to choose the best program that would fulfill all our learning needs and provide us with the best industry experience. Well, if there is another factor that most people tend to forget, it is what the program’s alumni have to say about their learning experience. 

Knowing or exploring what people who have already finished the journey you are about to embark on experienced will help you get a deeper and clearer vision of what you can expect and if the whole process is worth it or not. 

With a clear understanding of the difference between marketing and sales, Strategic Sales Management is designed by the best minds in the industry to help aspiring sales professionals become master of digital sales. This 4-month robust program covers all the latest tools, trends, and skills needed by new-age sales professionals to own a successful sales career in today’s dynamic competitive market. Wanting other sales enthusiasts to experience and learn what they did, here is what our learners have to say about their learning journey with us. 

Harshal Panchal, who successfully completed his Strategic Sales Management course with us, is all pumped up when speaking about his experience. As someone who takes giving recommendations quite seriously, he says, “This program really helped me a lot to grow in a sales role. I got very good connections with industry leaders from this cohort. The learning material and IIM facilities were spot on. I would 10/10 recommend this course, especially to young professionals with less than 2 years of experience. 

Balancing work, personal life, and taking up a course is no easy task. However, our strategic sales program is designed to aid learners in successfully balancing all three and learning newer skills effectively. Having experienced the same, our learner Vaibhav Saxena says, “I joined SSM Program and never regretted the decision. It’s a very good program for Working professionals. The faculties are highly knowledgeable, and the content of the Program is the absolute best. The study material is top-notch, making it an amazing overall experience.” 

Calling it an eye-opener and an excellent course, Dheeraj Bhatia (Technopharm Pvt Ltd), another of our numerous enthusiastic learners, says, “An extremely well compiled and knowledge-giving course. UNext Jigsaw very well managed the entire admission and coordination process. The faculties from IIM were highly knowledgeable and taught us excellently. People of Sales or aspiring entrepreneurs should do it to gain complete knowledge on data, B2B sales, B2C sales, managing sales team, managing negotiations, and many more similar skills.” 

Program structure and reviews from previous learners are the two most important aspects when considering an online program. With all our learners calling it the most enriching experience of their learning journey and the expertly designed curriculum, this is one program you must not miss out on if you are an aspiring sales professional. With its robust curriculum structured to impart the best of Sales Management knowledge to its learners, the program is a complete package to equip its learners to become proficient with digital sales. In just 4 months, the program will help you scale up your skills and job opportunities and provide you with the illustrious IIM Indore certification. Also, it will allow you to become a part of the prestigious IIM Indore alumni network helping you to diversify your professional network and connect with peers of similar interests and industry experts. 

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