Sumeet’s Career Leap Journey With IIM Indore’s Integrated Program In Business Analytics

Organizations are now thriving due to the insights gained from massive consumer data. In today’s data-driven world, Business Analytics is a powerful tool in achieving business goals by turning user data into valuable insights and developing strategies to make smarter business decisions. Thus, resulting in a growing need for Business Analytics professionals who can interpret and analyze that data. As per the latest survey by, in 2022, 96% of businesses plan to hire new employees with relevant skills to fill future Big Data Analytics-related roles such as Business Analysts and more. This indicates that this is the best time for Business Analytics aspirants to build a career in this booming domain.


Sumeet Pareek chose Jigsaw as his learning partner to make the most of this opportunity and advance his career. Sumeet took a leap in his career and landed a Senior Associate Consultant at Infosys post the completion of our IIM Indore-Certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics.


Sumeet chose Jigsaw’s 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA), offered in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, for upskilling. The IPBA is designed for professionals seeking to learn emerging tools and technologies to enhance their skill sets and transition into leadership roles in various industries.


After completing the program, we spoke with Sumeet about his learning journey and the impact this program has had on his career. When questioned about why he chose the Business Analytics domain for upskilling, Sumeet says, “I always had this interest in analytics but never got the chance to take it up as a full-time opportunity. In my current organization, I manage tasks related to MIS, ERP, and analytics reporting. However, I do not want to limit myself just to MIS and Reporting. I wanted to extend my vision which made me choose IIM-I & Jigsaw powered program in Business Analytics.”


Looking back at his learning journey with us, Sumeet recalls his experience of interacting and being mentored by the industry’s best Business Analysts and IIM Indore faculty. He adds, “It inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new opportunities. With all the live projects and real-time assignments on Kaggle played an important role, and I was able to implement the latest tools practically.”

Sumeet Pareek,
Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys

“This course helped me become a part of a professional network where everyone is more into analytics, and I was able to explore new platforms such as Kaggle. Now, I have hands-on experience with R, Python, MySQL, and Tableau tools and can look at data from a different perspective, which helped me highlight critical insights from analytical reports.”


Designed and delivered by top-tier IIM Indore faculty and seasoned SMEs from Jigsaw, IPBA’s curriculum aligned with the 5D Framework also exposes aspirants to trending advanced topics and technologies such as Big Data, Statistical Modeling, Data Visualization, ML, and so on, through the BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) feature to help them solve complex business problems optimally.

Describing his experience with the Bring Your Own Project feature, Sumeet says, “It is a unique experience and with 7-8 people from various corporate diversity gives us an idea of how real-life analytics world would look like where every task is linked with a specific skill set.”

Our mission is to provide the best of knowledge to devoted and enthusiastic learners like Sumeet Pareek. We are delighted to see Sumeet excel in his career transformation journey!

Do you also wish to build a successful career in the booming Business Analytics domain? If you aspire to become an Expert Business Analytics Professional, then the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA), in association with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your desired career goals!

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